Program Themes For Walks

You can hire Stewart to lead a walk with any nature theme for any type of group or as a private guide

Programs can be tailored for any age group from pre-school to high school, college to grad school or non-school groups.  There is probably no one that has greater breadth and depth of knowledge of our whole local community of plants, animals and fungi than Stewart, and he has a gift for sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm with a wide range groups.

Natural-Ecological Communities: Native plants/animals/fungi and their co-adaptations.  Non-native plants/animals/fungi and their impacts.  Includes Stewart’s “5 co’s of nativity”

Forest Community

Intertidal Beach Life and Marine Invertebrates at Low Tide

Insects and Terrestrial Invertebrates

Spiders of all types!

Owls and other Raptors by Day

Night Hike with the Owls

Pond Life

Wild Plants! – Indigenous (native) and Immigrant (alien)

Butterflies and Moths

Slugs, Snails and Worms

Reptiles and Amphibians


Waterfowl to Harbor Seals and Eagles – Life Observed from the Seashore

2 Responses to Program Themes For Walks

  1. Stewart says:


    I’d be happy to take you out looking for salamanders with your dog! My standard fee is $40 per hour, plus a $60 set up fee. If that isn’t easy for you, we could work something out. I expect it will be easier to start finding them after another week or two of rains to moisten the soil, after a dry season, when they are especially difficult to find. Currently my schedule is fairly open, so you can suggest a date and time for a search. Other than Camp Long, here in West Seattle, I don’t really know of the best spots to search for them, but I’m sure we could come up with some promising places to look! I’m sure there are some better spots away from the city.

    206 932-7225 (currently only a land line)

  2. Mikala willey says:

    Hello there! What a wonderful and informative site you have! My name is Mikala, I recently moved to Seattle (Greenwood area) and am absolutely in love with all of the nature opportunities here. I would like to start a Salamander check list and would love some guidance on where and when to look for them. It would only be me and my dog – she is very well behaved and entirely used to doing her own thing while I’m searching for critters everywhere we go. Please let me know if/when we could have an adventure and also, how much your guidance would be. Looking forward to hearing from you!!

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