Sunday Community Service to Serve “Mother Nature”

January 22, 2017 @ 11:00 am – 1:30 pm
Lincoln Park
Fauntleroy Way SW & SW Rose St
Seattle, WA 98136
Stewart Wechsler

We will meet at the kiosk at the northern of the 2 parking lots at Lincoln Park, across from Rose St.  No pre-registration required.

Attend a Sunday service of a different sort!  In honor of “Mother Nature” we will have a community gathering to serve her by strategically sacrificing weeds in her honor.  Also, as part of the service there will be a “sermon” on strategies of how to make the most of sacrificing of the weeds to get the maximum mileage towards the preservation of the ancient art of “the god of Mother Nature”.  These strategies will also apply to helping help her recover the maximum amount of her natural health, natural wealth, and natural beauty as she can.  This is a health, wealth and beauty that has been in decline ever since the culture of the allegorical Able and Cain, the animal, and plant and land controllers, and the culture of the legendary King David the gold hoarder, started taking control of the planet and its populace.

And don’t worry about sitting in a stuffy temple, church or mosque, listening to a boring sermon, as the “sermon” will be delivered either while walking or sitting outdoors in a relatively beautiful natural area.  As you will either be pleasantly plucking at the sacrificial weeds, wildly ripping them out by their roots, or just enjoying being in nature, if you prefer, you can ignore the “sermon”!  And if you have had enough before 1:30 you can always peel off early!

While all weed sacrifice can be done bare handed, if you have a pair of work gloves, and maybe a Hori Hori weeding knife, you could bring them, but I also have a spare pair of gloves, and a spare Hori Hori to share.

While sports fans can root for their home team with no tangible results, we will be physically “rooting” for the “home team” of our ancient, uniquely local, and incredibly beautiful and fascinating natural community.  We will do this by uprooting weeds that our “home team”, the ancient local community of plants,
Butterfly Life List | List of Butterfliesanimals and fungi was not adapted to living with.  Then, over the following seasons, as we continue to root out the competing team, as they attempt to move back in, we can watch the home team plants grow out into the ever more Eden-like, newly regained territory.  The uniquely local mix, and wealth, of our home team butterflies and bees, fungi and fowl, long adapted to life with them, will cheer them on, and increasingly move back into that territory with them.

And if you are a member of another religious group, don’t worry.  Your god is also the god of “Mother Nature”!

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  1. Earnest Thompson says:

    Well done Stewart. I will try to make it………………..

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