Seeking Seattle’s Surviving Salamanders, and How We Might Help Them

February 11, 2017 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Camp Long
35th Ave SW & SW Dawson St
Seattle, WA 98126
$0 - $20 per person
Stewart Wechsler

Ensatina, Facts on Ensatina, Pictures, News, Information on Ensatina ...Let’s seek and celebrate Seattle’s surviving salamanders, at possibly their best remaining Seattle refugium at Camp Long.  While we see if they are home in their habitat, we will discuss what constitutes healthy habitat for our different salamander species, and we might be able to do a small bit to improve that habitat.  Of the six Seattle salamanders that may still occur in the city, there are 4 species that still occur at Camp Long.  Two of these  never go in the water, laying their eggs in hidden, moist places.  They are the (extra cute) Ensatina (in the photo) and the Western Red-backed Salamander.  If they are home we can hold and examine them, before letting them return.  Two lay their eggs, in jelly-like masses in the pond, meeting their mates for their dates on or around Valentines’ night, so if we are lucky we might see some early eggs in the pond.  Whether the salamanders are home or not, there is a whole community of plants, animals and fungi to enjoy and learn about and help.

Pre-registration requested: e-mail or phone to pre-register: or 206 932-7225  While no cash is required, I ask that people support me and my efforts to promote a paradigm shift of re-building a human community that is increasingly again appreciating and serving the wealth of our natural community, while serving healthier human communities in the process.  If no one pre-registers I might not show up.

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