Learning the Art and Practice of Healing of Mother Nature Herself

January 8, 2017 @ 11:00 am – 1:30 pm
Lincoln Park
Fauntleroy Way SW & SW Rose St
Seattle, WA 98136
Stewart Wechsler

Preregistration is not required, but if you tell me you are coming it will help me estimate the size group to plan for. We meet at the kiosk at the north parking lot of Lincoln Park (between SW Monroe St and SW Thistle St, across from SW Rose St).  If no one contacts me, and it’s weather is too rough, I may not show up. Call or e-mail: 206 932-7225; ecostewart@gmail.com

Learn the Art and Practice of Healing Mother Nature herself.  As your teacher Stewart has spent most of his 60 years studying his local natural communities, the stories of their members, and how we might best help with the protection and recovery of these communities’ natural beauty, health and natural wealth, he’d like to think of himself as a “Medicine Man for Mother Nature”.  This will be an all generations program for all levels of knowledge.  Learning and practicing the protection and healing of our natural community is not only fascinating, and feels like a good thing to be doing for the world, but doing it is therapeutic, and a good activity to rebuild richer, and healthier, human community around.

The main activity that Stewart will teach, and you can practice, is his strategic weeding methods, that he has worked on for 20 years, to protect special spots, and plants that have become less common, protecting them from being overwhelmed by competition, and at the same time giving them room to grow out again.  You could say we will be “sacrificing weeds to the god of Mother Nature”.  With his strategic methods, Stewart has worked to get the most mileage for the input, with each weed species being controlled, and each native species being protected, and each set of conditions.  We may also move in a few seeds, a few seedlings, or a few starts, of plants, that Stewart estimates would have naturally grown in a spot like this, but whose moms can’t easily reach that spot to send her seeds, or to reach out to, with the tentacles of her running root rhizomes or her slithering stem stolons.

This session is at one of Seattle’s greatest remaining urban oases of nature at Lincoln Park in West Seattle.  The following session could be at your favorite remaining local oasis of nature, where you and your neighbors renew your spirits in nature.  I don’t ask for any monetary contributions for this program, but I do ask for any form of help you can contribute towards my efforts to promote a paradigm shift for the human community to increasingly again appreciate and serve our Mother Nature, while again serving the health of our human communities in the process.  And though I hope to promote a world where it becomes obsolete, cash remains one option to contribute.

We might follow up by planning a “stewardship adventure” to a site where some species still thrives, that we estimate once thrived at our favorite local oasis of nature, but has since become rare or lost, as we build a growing community of stewards.  We can learn about that species that has become rare or lost from that favorite nature spot, do enough stewardship of its habitat in that remaining stronghold that the mother plant would be happy to give us a few of her seeds to send to good homes, and bring them, for her, back to our favorite local nature oasis, that has appropriate habitat for them.

Did you read my little article with the scenario of the ancient peoples that served Mother Nature, rather than serving those that have long worked to control and exploit her?

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