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Letting Mother Nature Do Most of the Planting, While We Help Her Recover Her Natural Beauty and Wealth

Many of us now think of native plants as the good ones, so shouldn’t we plant more of them? But there may be one problem with this, the “we plant”. If a plant is planted by a human, can we … Continue reading

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Six Seattle Salamanders

While almost everyone is familiar with lizards, many are not familiar with the amphibians that are roughly the same shape as a lizard, with skin like a frog. These are the salamanders. Why are they not more familiar to us? … Continue reading

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Seattle – Puget Trough “Spring”

For many of us that grew up elsewhere, “Spring” was the season that followed a freezing cold winter, and then only after late March did the seeds, buds, and bulbs sprout and flowers start to bloom. But here in the Pacific … Continue reading

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