Could we build a movement to stop total commercialization of the planet from destroying the last CULTURES of first peoples in the world, along with the last, richest, remaining natural habitats in the world they have long been the best stewards of?

In the 60’s we had a series of “movements” starting with the Civil Rights Movement to stop the abuse of blacks, followed by an anti-war movement, a women’s right’s movement, a gay rights movement, and an environmental movement, but we didn’t understand the root of the problem.  The root was a world in which, rather than having healthy, local communities of people that both served their fellow members of that community, while also serving the health of the local natural communities we were a part of, we had a culture where we were serving a global group of those with the most money, that didn’t know, and didn’t care about, us and our children, and didn’t care about any harm that their efforts, at ever more control of everything and everyone, did to us and our planet.  We were then divided and conquered, while the greed, and addiction to control, of those we were serving, was destroying the ancient natural beauty, natural wealth and health of our planet, degrading the health of our human communities in the process.

Today the last of the world’s cultures of people living in real communities are threatened with destruction.  I emphasize “cultures”, because it is their life style that is so important, not as much as the lives of the individuals.  If we saved just the individuals (for as long as you can save each life of each individual), giving them good paying jobs and healthcare, it might be equivalent to taking the last wild and free wolves and putting them in a zoo with good food and veterinary care.  I also believe it is their community that is so important.  I would say that a real community is a group of people that actually want to help each other, not so they can get money, but because that community serves the good of the group, and the good of their descendants, while serving the health of the land and habitat of that group.  Who, or what, do we ultimately serve when we work primarily for money?  Is it not a system of greed that comes at the expense of the natural wealth of our planet and the health of us, our children and our communities?

In this clip of this movie , (which sadly seems to make fun of these people, like they are circus animals, because the women have no clothing over their chests and they are in motor vehicles), they are taking a group of the last people, who live in what I am calling real communities, who have a kind of freedom that few of the rest of us have anymore, and who still live in harmony with nature, to show them the world of the Europeans.  While the description of the movie says they will soon no longer be allowed to hunt, what it doesn’t make clear is that it would be governments, controlled by the world’s bankers, that have no real authority over the land they live on, that would prevent them from hunting, and that once they can’t hunt, they would either starve to death, or lose their freedom, and be forced to live in a world controlled by a group of sick, inconsiderate control addicts, that control the world’s money and the world’s governments.

We now need a movement to stop feeding our power to those who control us because we serve the money they control, rather than serving the health of our human and natural communities.  In the process it might stop this last destruction of the last indigenous / aboriginal cultures, along with the destruction of their rich, beautiful and healthy natural habitats and start to turn the tide of destruction of the earth’s health, wealth and beauty, and turn the tide of ever worse living conditions for ever more of the world’s populace.

contact me so we can share thoughts on how we will do this.

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