A highly skilled naturalist / teacher for your group or yourself

Let Stewart share his incredible passion for, and possibly unsurpassed knowledge of, the whole Puget Trough lowland plant-animal-fungus community with you and your group!  In addition to his nature knowledge Stewart has a strong ability to communicate to people of all knowledge levels and all ages, from young children to college students to seniors, and people of all cultural backgrounds.  Stewart always puts a humorous twist in here and there, while keeping the humor appropriate to the group.  Stewart also worked for 11 years doing elementary school and family programs with Camp Long in the Seattle Parks Department, with parents and teachers always learning as much as the kids, and always with rave reviews.

You can hire Stewart to lead a short walk, a day trip or a longer trip.  Stewart can also give nature talks on a wide diversity of nature subjects.  Our area wild plants, birds, butterflies, other insects, spiders and other invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians, and the relationships between the various organisms, and our area fungi are his areas of relative expertise, but you name the organism group visible without a microscope and he has probably studied it to some degree and can tell a bit of their fascinating story.  Nature walks and talks can be ecosystem, or stewardship oriented also.

Stewart has lead a wide diversity of programs: from elementary school spider programs to a professional development workshops for a Fish and Wildlife butterfly tracking crew on local grass identification; university class field trips focused on the diversity of local amphibians, their identification and breeding ecology, to leading a talk at the Washington Native Plant Society about Seattle’s Lost and Declining Native Plants.

Stewart can also take your office group, nature club, senior group, or your house of worship on a nature adventure or give them a nature talk / presentation.  He will also work with university, high school, middle school, elementary school to pre-school groups.  It could be regular school groups, after school groups, home school groups or a birthday party.  It could be a day hike, a night hike or a 4 day trip. If that time slot is open you or your group can be the one to fill it.

It’s Stewart’s goal to maximize his contribution to the preservation and recovery of the rich natural heritage that existed locally and globally before a human culture dominated by those who increasingly took control of the land, and the organisms on it, for maximum profit started abusing our natural community like no human culture before them.  It is this natural community that all humans are instinctively most tied to, instinctively love the most, and are instinctively most fascinated by.  Stewart believes that the best way he can contribute to the protection and recovery of the wealth and beauty of nature is to share, with as many people as possible, from as wide a diversity of groups as possible, his knowledge of, and deep passion for, nature.  After being so gifted in gaining this knowledge and passion from others before him and learning from his own studies of, and engagement in, nature, he is working to share both that knowledge and passion with those after him.

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  1. margaret hemmerlin says:

    Hi Stewart,
    Thanks for another pleasant and informative owl walk – even though I got there too late to see the owls the rest of you spotted! I’m very glad you’re doing this. Anything to bring peoples awareness to nature is valuable.Especially in my favorite park! I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears open. I’ll also go back to the trail in Westcrest park where I saw 2 owls about a year ago.
    Keep up the good work! Margaret

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