A Dramatic Start to Spring in Lincoln Park!

With the first striking group of Trilliums up by March 9th, some birds now nesting, and early migrants now arriving, and butterflies and other bugs are now winging. Spring is now in full swing! You can learn their special spots, the tricks to recognizing them and learn their fascinating stories in my upcoming Saturday, March 29th Lincoln Park Spring: Blooms, Nests, Migrants, Butterflies 11:00 am – 1:00 pm.

The leaves of many of the perennials are also coming up all over, from the Yellow Stream Violets – Viola glabella, to the Fawn Lilies – Erythronium oregonum.  Also with their first blooms in the March 9th to 11th have been the Trailing Yellow Violets – Viola sempervirens (a.k.a. Evergreen Violets) and the Red-flowering Currents – Ribes sanguineum. Also the light, bright green foliage of the Indian Plums – Oemleria cerasiformis has now filled up much of the shrub layer of the first 10 feet above the ground, as they always do before any of the deciduous trees leaf out.

Then the eagles are back on their nest! I say “back on the nest”, you say “what nest?” Last year, after nesting season the eagles’ nest seemed to disappear. While the chicks were in the nest the sticks that made up the nest were easily visible in the large Grand Fir just east of the top of the bluff – pool trail, but then it disappeared.  (photo on right not our eagle nest) There weren’t even any sticks on the ground! It seems the eagles dismantled it and hauled it away, a behavior I had never heard of before, but one person on the Tweeters list seemed to confirm that it has happened before. I was afraid they were going to make a nest with it somewhere else!

Also on March 11th, half a mile from Lincoln, with a sunny, ~56 degrees F, I saw my second of year butterfly, which was my first of year Mourning Cloak by Cafe Ladro, near the Gatewood Elementary School. As some of you may know, last year was a record year for them, so it will be interesting to see what kind of numbers we see this year. Last year my first Mourning Cloak was near the same date, on March 9th.



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  1. Stewart says:

    First it’s the Trilliums, now towards the end of spring it’s the Phantom Orchids again! As conditions must have not been as favorable for blooming this year, only 2 flower stalks came up this year, one of them came up a bit deformed, but we do have one nice one! I would ask that people who know about this or any other Phantom Orchid site, not freely spread the word where they are with just anyone, as there is a small risk of someone being foolish enough to try digging any up (it is unlikely one could ever transplant one without killing what you dig up), or inconsiderate enough (you would probably kill all or part of the orchids by putting a shovel in the soil and cutting the stolon / rhizome).

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